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Our patented Birdy Bootie protective shoes, designed to provide superior coverage and cushioning for birds with injured feet or bumblefoot (a staph infection on the foot pad or toe) are made with an anti-bacterial silver-infused fabric layered over a NeoSponge™ neoprene material that offers superior cushioning.

Our Birdy Booties are made of high quality materials and with a superior design:

The sole of the Birdy Bootie is made with NeoSponge,™ a porous, synthetic rubber material manufactured by Acor Orthopaedic, Inc. and used in human orthotics and medical footwear. NeoSponge™ is designed to flex, have great durability, and be resistant to breakdown by water. 
• The base layer of our Birdy Bootie is made with naturally antibacterial bamboo fiber
The Birdy Bootie is offered in two styles, one for Chickens and one for Waterfowl, in Gray, Camouflage and Leopard Print.

Please note: One of the ways birds stay cool is by dissipating heat from their feet (which is why you may find your chickens standing in puddles of water or in their water bowls on hot summer days). We do NOT recommend the use of the Birdy Bootie on birds housed outside in extreme heat.

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