. . . What is a hen apron or chicken saddle?

What is a Hen Apron?

A hen apron, or chicken saddle, is a device you put on your hens to protect their backs from roosters during mating. When roosters mate with hens, the hens often sustain feather loss and cuts and gashes on their backs and shoulders that can lead to infection, picking, cannibalism and death. 

Hen aprons can be used on all of the chickens in your flock (both the hens and roosters) if they tend to peck at each other. 

Once your hen suffers feather loss and wounds on her back, she must either be removed from the flock or have her back covered to prevent further damage and infection that can potentially lead to her death. 

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The Hen Saver® hen apron/saddle establishes a high level of protection for your hen against injury and afford prompt healing and feather re-growth to take place in your chickens with existing wounds and feather loss. The level of protection that is afforded by a particular apron or saddle will depend on the quality of the material and construction of the apron and must meet the needs of the chicken, including a proper fit. The patented design of our Hen Saver® hen apron is a huge improvement over existing designs and provides an unmatched level of protection for your chickens. 

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Questions? E-Mail or call us: (800) 980-4165
Questions? E-Mail or call us: (800) 980-4165