. . . Better chicken saddles: Why is the Hen Saver hen apron better?
Why is Hen Saver® Better 
Than Other Aprons or Saddles?

For quality, value, safety and durability NOTHING beats Hen Saver!

Our patented Hen Saver® hen apron/saddle:
  • Protects your hens’ backs (and shoulders) from treading by amorous roosters
  • Provides coverage from pecking by your other chickens
  • Covers areas of existing injury to prevent further damage to your chicken 
  • Enables prompt healing of wounds to promote feather re-growth
  • Inhibits the ability of hawks to grasp your chickens
  • Is extremely durable and long lasting, providing great value for you!
  • Don't settle for less! NOTHING beats Hen Saver for quality and value! In particular, beware of aprons made from slick or "waterproof material" -- the lack of breathability will over-heat your chicken and the slick material will cause your rooster to slide off, potentially slitting open your hen's sides with his spurs.

Hen Saver® contains unique features that provide increased functionality and durability of the apron specifically for both your hens and your roosters
  • A notch at the base to accommodate your chicken’s tail feathers
  • Two different strap styles - a single-strap style intended for your less-active confined, cooped, pet, show and breeding chickens, and a two-strap style suitable for your more active free-ranging or pastured chickens. Read our FAQs to read more about strap styles to decide which style is better for your chickens.
  • Finished-seam stitching that secures a layer of breathable batting between two layers of rip-, tear- and puncture-resistant material for both extra protection against your rooster’s beak and nails and to provide potential protection for both your hens and roosters against hawks by inhibiting the ability of the hawk to securely grasp your chicken. 
  • Optional fixed or removable shoulder protector that provides shoulder protection without inhibiting your chicken's flight ability. Hen Saver® is available in five sizes and in both single and double strap models to fit most breeds and sizes of chicken.

Having problems with Chicken Hawks? Hen Saver® may help! 

After we lost several chickens to chicken hawks (such as red-tailed hawks, cooper's hawks), including one of our "Hawk Smart" Ameraucanas, we studied the pattern and location of the wounds created by the hawks' talons and designed the Hen Saver® hen apron to cover the areas of our chickens' backs where the chicken hawks had attacked them. We then constructed our apron so that it is more likely than existing designs to be puncture-resistant to a hawk's talons while tending to shift under the hawk's grasp to inhibit the ability of the hawk to gain secure purchase of a struggling chicken. We do not guarantee that the Hen Saver® hen apron will protect your chickens 100% from birds of prey (nothing can do that) but a DRY, proper-fitting Hen Saver® hen apron does make it easier for a chicken to survive the impact of a hawk's attack and more difficult for hawks to grab struggling chickens, thereby potentially saving your chickens' lives.  

If you are buying a Hen Saver® to assist you with a hawk problem, please note that some hens will naturally squat in place without struggling when being attacked, enabling a chicken hawk to easily grab her neck and make a quick kill. Also, hawks can pick up small bantam hens and roosters even if they are wearing a Hen Saver.® Please be aware that some raptors hunt chickens by literally diving for their necks, instantly killing them. Hen Saver® WILL NOT help in any of these cases. However, we do offer aprons with our hand-designed "predator eyes" patches to inhibit hawks from attacking chickens in the first place. The predator eyes are large red and yellow eyes sewn onto the aprons, effectively staring up at the sky from the back of your chicken. Although they are still in the testing phase, results to date look promising. If you would like to add a pair of predator eyes to your order, you can add them to your order at check out for an additional $4 per apron. The 2" Predator Eyes, designed by and printed exclusively for us on strong, rip and tear-resistant duck cloth, are hand-sewn to order onto your apron, so adding Predator Eyes to your order will delay shipping by approximately 5 working days.

Our predator eyes are the ORIGINAL predator eyes, designed by us with the help of a raptor expert. They are hand-cut and sewn onto your apron; they are not flimsy decals.

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Just wanted to tell you that your hen saver aprons might have thwarted a hawk attack yesterday. Lucy and Ethel both wear them with the raptor eyes just for that purpose. They are my two oldest, slowest girls and a hawk indeed had Ethel on the ground a few months ago (pre-aprons) She was shaken but no real damage. Yesterday I saw what I think is the same hawk fly about 20 feet over Lucy's head and just kept going. Maybe coincidence, maybe it wasn't hungry....or MAYBE the apron worked!!! I'm going with the third option. : ) Thank you!