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The Birdy Bootie is the ultimate protective shoe for birds with injured feet or bumblefoot. 

Made in the USA with high-quality materials, our patented design provides superior coverage and cushioning to help improve the life and health of your bird.

Crafted from durable orthotic neoprene, the Birdy Bootie protects wounds from dirt and moisture while providing extra cushioning for the injured foot. The neoprene base is laminated with anti-bacterial, silver-infused fabric, while the silky-smooth nylon-covered neoprene top and inside provide ultimate comfort.

Our roomy Birdy Bootie is specifically designed for fit and comfort, with the left bootie shaped to be worn on the left foot and the right shoe shaped to be worn on the right foot. The open toes provide adequate space for toes and enable circulation of air, allowing your bird to stay cool.

Measuring your bird for the Birdy Bootie is easy with our size chart. And with two styles available - the Chicken Bootie for chickens and the Waterfowl Bootie for ducks and geese - you can find the perfect fit for your feathered friend.

To ensure a proper fit, make sure that your bird's shoes are on the correct feet and that the rear toes are threaded through the rear toe slits (that rear slit is for the rear toe and not for a spur). Please note that it is normal for the front toes to extend past the end of the toe sleeves or not reach them at all.

Please note that we do not recommend using the Birdy Bootie on birds housed outside in extreme heat, as birds dissipate heat from their feet to stay cool.


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