. . . Birdy Bra crop supporter and chest protector
You asked and we responded! Crazy K Farm has developed a supportive, ultra-comfortable crop bra / chest protector. 

Chickens and other birds often suffer from crop issues such as crop stasis/slow crop (in which the crop empties very slowly) or pendulous crop (in which the crop has been stretched). Any crop problem that requires a bird's crop to be supported can be helped by the patented Birdy Bra.

The Birdy Bra not only supports a slow or pendulous crop, but can protect a bird's chest, which is a common location of pecking of hens by other hens. Once blood is drawn the pecking can escalate, resulting in infection and even death. Our Birdy Bra can also be used on parrots that self mutilate.

The Birdy Bra is available in a variety of sizes for all types and ages of bird and in four colors.  

For pluckers, we have a faux lamb's wool sherpa panel to occupy your bird and provide added protection.

♫ ♫ I'm a model you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the birdwalk...

Yeah on the birdwalk, on the birdwalk yeah
I do my little turn on the birdwalk...

I'm too sexy for my bra, too sexy for my bra
Too sexy by far.

And I'm too sexy for my crop,
Too sexy for my crop, you think I should stop? ♫ ♥

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I ordered a birdie bra and rec'd it Monday, about an hour after I called the vet to make a Tuesday appt to euthanize my young cuckoo maran hen with a severely pendulous crop. I put the birdie bra on, with no hope. Within hours she was making a recovery! I tried numerous attempts at crop support, all failed. Medication helped, but the birdie bra worked. My sweet hen was near death. Tonight she is roosting as usual. I cannot believe her miraculous recovery, and only wish I had recognized the problem sooner. I can't thank you enough, and plan to order a second birdie bra in case I need to launder or replace the existing one. I will be sharing your product info with my vet, and hope other hen owners will recognize this product and use it sooner rather than later. Sue Cook, Castleton, VT

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