. . . What is a hen apron or chicken saddle?

What is a Hen Apron?

A hen apron, or chicken saddle, is a device you put on your hens to protect their backs from roosters during mating. When roosters mate with hens, the hens often sustain feather loss and cuts and gashes on their backs and shoulders that can lead to infection, picking, cannibalism and death.

What is a Hen Saver®? 

Hen Saver® is an extraordinary hen apron/saddle; an investment in a top-of-the-line, patented masterpiece that combines quality, value, safety, and durability like no other. Hen Saver® is the unrivaled champion of hen protection! 

• Shields your precious hens' backs (and shoulders) from the amorous advances of roosters. No more worries about your hens enduring unwanted treading!

• Say goodbye to pecking problems! Our hen apron provides comprehensive coverage, ensuring that your other chickens won't harm or harass your precious flock.

• If your chicken already has an injury, fret not! Hen Saver® covers existing wounds, preventing further damage and promoting a speedy recovery. Watch as your feathered friend heals and regrows their magnificent plumage in no time!

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